Monday, September 15, 2008

Immigration updates.

The immigration proceedings have continued with us. We received a letter for Luis to report back to Mexico (Ciudad Juarez, US Consulate) to have a VISA interview. They set the date for September 29th, at 9:45 am. We won't be going to this appointment. We are in the processing of TRYING (let me stress that, because they are not easy to get a hold of) to change the interview date and time. We also have to file an expensive waiver called the I-601. The waiver is to prove that our family will suffer without Luis here; him being the sole provider of the family and all. In the meantime, we have to travel to Atlanta to the Mexican Consulate to obtain an up-to-date passport, which will be another expensive fee (depending on the time frame we apply for). Please, keep us in your thoughts as we attempt to get through this stressful time.

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