Saturday, December 20, 2008

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Friday, December 19, 2008

So, what doesn't kill a mother and wife...

...will it make her stronger?
I know a mom and a wife that wants to wake up the next day knowing what the future holds for her children. I know a mom and wife that wants to know if she is going to be able (she and her husband both) to provide for her children in the following months.

I know a mom and wife that went to college and busted ass to get her much desired education. She busted ass and kicked it as well. She worked at various places for money. She pulled out too many student loans because her crappy pell grants weren't enough to cover her school expenses. The student at the time became pregnant. However, it didn't stop her. She continued on because she was a fighter. She went to school up until the day she delivered her first child. She was taking a Spanish exam only a few days before her labor was induced. She even returned to school as soon as the next semester started, leaving her child in the care of her mother-in-law.

By this time, she was a mom and a wife as well as a student. She suffered greatly with post-partum depression and would have to leave class in tears because she couldn't make it through the day. This mom and wife kept going. She finally finished school. Her baby was at her graduation.

This mom and wife applied for many jobs but was turned down here and there. This mom and wife was offered no more than 8-10 dollars an hour a week. Some places with no benefits. So her husband stepped BACK in and took over the duties of work. He worked while she was in school, with a low paying position as a restaurant server. So the husband went back to work as a server. The family wasn't eligible for many things, because the father had not completed his immigration paperwork. It didn't matter they invested so much money and time into it for him to do the right thing the right way. It didn't matter. They didn't care.

So the family kept on going. Kept on counting on their pennies and dimes to live. Was put on waiting list after waiting list for aide, section 8 help, and so on. Time went on. The mom and wife had baby number 2 in April 2008. The husband had finally found a wonderful job! FINALLY! FINALLY a break for this family!! He became the manager of a restaurant. He was making good money and they were finally able to pay the bills. However, 6 or 7 months went by. Husband lost that wonderful job. Just like that. So quick. Everything started again, except this time, with two children in tow. The family went to Salvation Army and was turned down for "lack of funding." United Way wouldn't help because of the city they lived in. They didn't "cover" applicants in the particular area. The place that financed their vehicle wouldn't work with them on payments; so that lead to repossession of the vehicle. Their only vehicle.

The mom and wife was already in the middle of filing bankruptcy, after a failed debt consolidation attempt. That was due to using up credit and maxing cards out to support the family during the time spent in college.

Now the family faces so many things. Having to break an apartment lease early and suffer the disadvantages of that; so they can move into a place where they can get back onto their feet (due to the help of a family member).

Garnishment of wages. Poor credit for years and years. Pure and utter failure. Despair. No light at the end of the tunnel. And so on.

The family sold everything they had except for their computer. Their computer only had gotten offers of around 20$; however, they had to sell furniture, precious items, and so on. Just to make it.

I can tell you that they are not giving up, they will not give up, no matter what happens. They are a family and that is what families do.

I am not only telling the story of this one particular family. I am telling the story of many families across the United States. Where across the country in the "land of opportunity" , suffrage is an understatement.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thoughts about Auburn University football.

First, I want to say that I love my school. I am an alumnus and Auburn will always be near and dear to my heart. What I do not like is what has happened to Auburn's head coach, Tommy Tuberville. Actually, I think it is downright shitty what they did to him. Everyone seemed to have forgotten that it was Tommy that lead the winning streak seasons. It was him. He recruited and LEAD those star players that we will never forget (Cadillac, Ronnie). It was HIM. He is the one that lead his AU Tigers to victory for 6 straight years against Alabama. It was him. He lead that team all of this time. Of course winning streaks have to come to an end. Everyone knew that Auburn couldn't win every single game forever. What college football team does? NONE. For instance, look at Alabama. They had their losing streak. Now, it is obviously their time to shine because they have a good leader along with a group of devoted and strong players. They have proven themselves this year that they can comeback with a bang. All teams can do the same if they put forth the effort as well as having the strength of good leadership. However, what happened to Tommy Tuberville was just downright eff'd up in my humble opinion. JUST because he lost to Alabama (let's forget the other 6 times in a row that his team won) he gets the boot. Let's just forget that the graduation rate was higher when he was in charge. None of that mattered obviously. We now see what was and is important exclusively. Winning. Beating Alabama every single time, which we knew would come to a close at some time or another. So Tommy will venture out and get a new job with another team. Then, he will have his chance once again to build up a strong team just as he did with Auburn. Then, it'll be Auburn's turn to play that team that he builds up. Because teams always make a comeback, always. Just look at Alabama! Auburn will do the same. Obvious that winning is important, nothing else, is obvious.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The stigma of AIDS and homosexuality.

AIDS Ribbon Pictures, Images and Photos All persons who suffer with AIDS are human beings and should be treated as such. To throw the stigma of AIDS around like some sort of novelty item is repulsive. The negative energy used against sufferers should be turned into something positive. Something more exceeding and exceptional to the cause. There are persons whom automatically throw around the notion that homosexual couples are the main problem in the world wide AIDS epidemic. It seems that beliefs (meaning the ones that only believe in male/female unions) are blinding common sense. In a sense, that would be UNPROTECTED SEX as a main factor in the spread of AIDS. No matter what the sexual preferences may be of the unions. I will not agree that shouting/assuming/blaming AIDS is acceptable or even humane when they are hashing over their views of homosexuality. Why do these said persons unconsciously (or even consciously) deem homosexual couples the problem for the rampant spreading of AIDS? Did "they" ever consider that unprotected sex is unprotected sex, no matter what the sexual inclination of the couple is? I presume that is a big fat greasy bowl of no. Question Mark Pictures, Images and Photos I am from the South. Let me first say that not all Southerners are homosexual haters. (How about that. A stigma of Southerners.) However, I have had unfortunate chances of witnessing horrible stigmas, so it really troubled me how fellow human beings can automatically jump to THEIR resolutions about AIDS and homosexuality. Persons are recurrently quick to shout that homosexual couples are at fault when it comes to the epidemic of AIDS. They tend to forget other factors. Some factors being people taking part in the usage of contaminated needles, infected blood contact, and lets not forget the unprotected sex part between ANY unions. These factors are literally left out of the equation. All elements of the ramification of AIDS should be considered when examined because it cannot be just the fault of one person, or even ten. More education on the behalf of most would be more considerable and logical, but unfortunately, some would rather stay in the dark and stick to their stigma blame games.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Today is the day. AIDS awareness.

I could provide all sorts of links and information on AIDS on this blog today. However, I am not going to. I just want to say that AIDS is the number one killer of the planet. If we do not do anything together, as one, AIDS could destroy our entire world. Spread AIDS awareness to everyone you know, then tell them to spread the word. Any information you can share with others can make a difference! The use of needles, unprotected sex, blood transfusions, youtube videos, AIDS research websites, and finding other sorts of resources on the internet can be your support. So today, December 1st which is AIDS Awareness day, do your part. Spread the word about the spreading of the number one killer. AIDS. Please click on the banner above, Bloggers Unite for AIDS awareness for more information and blogs about the cause. Join Bloggers Unite and take your part.