Tuesday, August 11, 2009

International Youth Day - Aug.12

Yes yes today is the 11th but I wanted to start today on International Youth Day project @ Bloggers Unite.
International Youth Day was created by the UN to promote youth awareness and causes. It was set to draw attention to issues of the youth world wide. All around the world, concerts and events are celebrate to honor the world's youth.

Youth are the future of our world. Not only the future, but the present. Presently our worlds' youth can be motivated to strive for excellence for tomorrow.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I invite YOU to blog for Women's Equality!

Straight from the source to you: Blog for Women's Equality! http://worldyissues.blogspot.com
August 26, 2009

Objective: Since 1971, August 26th has been Women's Equality Day. Lets blog about everything that still needs to happen for equality for women!

In 1971, August 26 was deemed Women's Equality Day. It still stands today! Although this was a great leap in history for women, we are still faced with so much sexism today. The point of this event is to celebrate the day by blogging about how far we've come with women's rights and to especially blog/rant about everything women still have to deal with today, worldwide! Let's change the world!

peace&love, Madelyn

Isn't it ironic?

Oh come on. You know you LOVE that song and now it'll be stuck in your head for the rest of the day/afternoon/night.

So I trying desperately to move back to the place I tried desperately to move out of. The irony, eh?

I moved to Birmingham with good intentions. That I will find good work in an appropriate time frame, that my daughter would be happy, my husband be happy, kittens, rainbows, butterflies, balloon animals...


So I am back to square one. Starting completely over. Going BACK to "there" (I actually have a catchy little nickname for "there" but not right now...).

To be honest, I am ready to be "there." The irony again right? Deep down, I feel like this will be the big breath of fresh air so to speak or even the new beginning of the end maybe? Who knows. This time, I have two little girls in tow! What a ride. What an adventure. Hope everyone is holding on.