Monday, October 13, 2008

Where is MY bailout?

You can read the correct and splendid works of the bathroom wall here. One of her latests:
$819 BILLION DOLLARS. Tax dollars from every single tax paying American in this country is going to be paying nearly a trillion dollars to bail out wall street, thanks to our Senators who seem to think that you, me, and everyone else can easily afford to do that. And what do they care? Their salaries, their pensions come from tax dollars, as well. Their pay won't decrease because the economy is going to pot. They couldn't care less about the average American citizen, who will be bearing the brunt of this entire debacle. Oh no. $90 billion every month for Iraq and now $800 billion for filet mignon eating, Armani suit wearing, Hamptons and Martha's Vineyard home owning victims of our economy's collapse, all at the hands of we devious middle class and lower citizens who make the up majority of the work force, without whom this country would cease to function. Where's the bailout for the people whose jobs were lost because of tax benefits for outsourcing? Where's the bailout for the people whose homes were foreclosed on because of deceptive and criminal lending practices? Where's the bailout for the people who simply tried their hardest, but it wasn't good enough because inflation just kept increasing while their pay did not? Why is it a much more economically sound idea to give a few corporations and banks that couldn't keep their hands out of the proverbial cookie jar nearly a trillion dollars of our money, but it's not a good idea to give the citizens of this country who pay those tax dollars less than half of that to pay off their debts, and to put that money back into the economy with the spending that we were encouraged to do just a few months ago? I'll be waiting for my check.

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