Friday, October 17, 2008

Why can't she just tell SOMEONE already?

For the life of me, I cannot understand why Casey Anthony will not just tell someone where little Caylee is already?! WTFE. She is fcuked either way. She did it, she was an accessory to it, something but come on. Tell someone already. Why the hell hasn't this new "witness" come forward before? There is a new "witness" now saying that he saw Casey Anthony near the airport coming out of a wooded area with a shovel by her white car. This is supposed to be the 2nd eye witness that has seen her in this area. Why the hell hasn't he came forward already? Ugh. I was just watching Nancy Grace and saw some of the bullshit boo-hoo cries of Casey. She only cries when she gets into trouble i.e. when she was found guilty. She never cried for Caylee. She just struts around in those t-shirts that say "Help Find Caylee" yet has she shed a tear for her own daughter? Nope. Not in the public eye. Only sheds for herself. For you precious angel. I hope you are safe and out of harm's way. I hope that you are found and that you are not distressed. To think someone would do something to you is a remote thought. It is unimaginable. You are the same age as my baby and you will never become unremembered. Your beautiful smile and bright, luminous eyes will never become oblivious. Caylee M. Anthony Pictures, Images and Photos

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Kerri said...

Such a sad story ... and I'm thinking the ending will be sadder :(