Friday, November 28, 2008

Tips I adhere to for those rare theater dates with my husband.

Movies Pictures, Images and Photos So this is the deal. I NEVER get to go anywhere with the husband unit. Ever. He is always working and we are as broke as a joke. So my dear lovely sweet sugar coated mom decided to spend the night with me and let us go on a movie date. So of course, I pick the movie because I am desperately aching to see Twilight. Desperate as you can see in a cry/whine blog entry I have below. But. I am thinking. We don't need to spend this $20.00 for tickets. We will want popcorn. Candy. Drinks. So I do the OH THE HORROR unthinkable. I pop my own popcorn. I smuggle my own candy. So we go on a date, just under $25.00 because the friggin' drink itself was almost $5.00! Yes. I am that desperate idiot smuggling a plastic Walmart bag full of popcorn inside my purse. So sue me. After all. I was doing the ever popular bring your own bag and stuff tactic so we can save the plant..thing. Right? *huge cheesy grin here* fafafaaf Pictures, Images and Photos So save the planet and money. Bring your own popcorn by smuggling in some jiffy pop in that over sized purse. recycle Pictures, Images and Photos Now, where is my damn snicker bar?

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Tiffiney said...

lol...i have not been to a movie for many moons now girl..we are just as broke...but when we did go...i would take a huge purse..we would get drinks and candy from the store and smuggle it in along with popcorn in ziplock bags for each of shame!!! :)