Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricanes and what not.

Ugh. I feel another 2005 approaching, with Gustav and Hanna trailing right behind him. Is it me or does Hanna look larger? I don't know what I am looking at really but that center looks huge. Hopefully, that one will die down. I really hope everyone is safe and the ones in New Orleans (other cities too) have taken the precautions. I hope that they listened and are going forth with the mandatory evacuations. I was watching TWC and I saw the mayor of New Orleans discussing how this is the storm of the century. I hope that much more actions are taking to help them this time. The senior meteorologist calls this storm, Surreal, Again, referring to Katrina as "again." That cannot be a good thing.

Three years to the day after the Katrina disaster, here we are with another intensifying hurricane -- Gustav, which has already caused damage and fatalities in the Caribbean -- posing a serious threat to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

And that's not the only reason the situation is eerie: With Gustav causing trouble, Tropical Storm Hanna is lurking in the Atlantic, and computer forecast models are showing a potential scenario in which Hanna moves west, then takes an unusual turn southwest, directly affects Florida, and perhaps even follows Gustav into the Gulf. Like with the remnants of Fay still affecting people while Gustav started to do so, the same could happen with Gustav and Hanna.

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