Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No need to involve the kid, yo.

I agree with Obama. Even though I am a staunch liberal, just leave Bristol out of it FFS. Even if the said pregnancy was a fake (Momma Palin and that stuff) just leave the kid out of this. I can't believe that every where I click I see: TEENAGE DAUGHTER OF VP NOMINEE SARAH PALIN -- PREGNANT!!!!! or TEEN AND PREGNANT : BRISTOL PALIN STFU already!! Sheesh. My friends and I on Cynical Gabber were JUST discussing all of the different views on this subject. Some of us pointed out the Obama news flash on leaving the kids out of it. Amen to that.


Erin said...

Clicked on you from Mom Blogger's Club. Agree with your post. I am a fellow AU grad myself--War Eagle!(weird I found you and I guess the legend is true about screaming War Eagle from any street corner--cyberspace too) Liberal and living in Alabama, you must lead a very interesting life. You're always welcome to come visit me in a blue state when you need to clear your head.(Just kidding of course) You go girl!

Anonymous said...

I disagree, and here's why, because Sarah Palin is against choice, and supports ABSTINENCE-ONLY programs and education. Her daughter is a walking statistic that these programs DON'T work!

It must be nice to stand on an anti-choice platform (she even ran an anti-choice platform in her mayoral campaign! I don't think she knew what the mayor does any more than she knows what VP does) when you have money, and there is no question that a pregnant teen and her child will be well cared for. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case for women facing unwanted pregnancy. So, IMO, it does matter that her daughter is knocked up and does add something to the national debate about choice and abstinence-only "education".

Love ya! ;)

Christina M. said...

OH NO Meg, NO YOU DID'nt ! You disagreed!


The reason I agree is because I am speaking for Bristol, and her only. I see it this way. That her mom is probably lovin' the spotlight since she is the one up for veep. So I think that is .. ick.

|s|h|a|r|o|n| said...

Her mother brought her into this, officially. She could have simply said to leave her family out of this, but she didn't.

If she really wanted her children out of the spotlight in regards to the type of scrutiny that they're receiving, she would have turned down the position of VP. Instead, she accepted, is flaunting the fact that she chose to give birth to a child with down syndrome, and that her oldest daughter is now pregnant at 17. [b]FLAUNT[/b]

Anything to garner attention, I guess.