Sunday, October 26, 2008

Proposition 8. A tell tale of bullshittery.

What a load of fucking crap. This proposition 8 business is such a load of bullshit to the nth level of FAIL. It reeks of fail. Stinks of fail. It is, fail. WHY get in the way of two people that are in love and that want to spend the rest of their lives with each other? Why does it MATTER to YOU? How come you care so much? Since when does what other people do with THEIR own lives bother YOU so much? Is it because you think that marriage should ONLY be between a MAN and a WOMAN? Is that it? A wise friend once said this:
1.Those who say "save traditional marriage" have forgotten that traditional marriage now only occurs in countries where the women have less rights than the animals. Traditional marriage used to be a contract between two families, where basically the bride's family was paying the groom's family to take her off their hands. She became the property of the husband, subject to his laws, his rules, his wishes. It wasn't a covenant, it wasn't a holy union, it wasn't anything other than a business arrangement. I'd like to see a conservative Christian wife say "ok" to her husband who tells her that she needs to stop watching CBN and start sucking his donkey dick. 2. Homosexual behavior itself wasn't specifically prohibited in the bible, but rather the act with regards to prostitution in holy sites, i.e. the Jewish temples. Jesus never spoke about homosexuality - or the nature of it if we want to get into the whole semantics of it and bring up the fact that homosexuality wasn't even a word during biblical times - which is something that most Christians don't like to admit. 3.Marriage between a man and a woman is supposed to be a sacred bond, yet can be entered into and exited out of through legal means, as opposed to religious ones. Why? If we're supposed to get married before God, why do you not get divorced before him, too? 4.The act of procreation is often brought up because that is, supposedly, the reason for marriage. Let's get one thing straight first and foremost, Adam and Eve were married, but never supposed to procreate. NEVER. That being said, over one third of women and about a quarter of men experience fertility problems. Does that mean that they are not supposed to marry? Pink haired Jesus lady would be the Pink haired Corner lady if that were the case. Also, if marriage were such a sacred entity for the bearing of having children, then conservative Christian wives who were barren would not be upset if their husbands decided to take on a mistress in order to bear them a child, a la Jacob. 5.The two main figures in Christianity, God and Jesus, weren't married (unless you're a believer of the whole Mary Magdalene thing) and while people suggest it was because they did not need those trivial things, since God is God, and Jesus was the son of God, obviously God needed a son, which is trivial when you're God, and Jesus needed clothes to cover up his God's Son bits, which SHOULDN'T be trivial, if yer gettin' what I'm meanin'.
So how about this, homophobes. Stop bullshitting yourself with the bullshittery and get ON with your life, stop getting OFF on it. XOXO!

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