Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shop at the "low-end" places already!! Sheesh Palin!

So now, a candidate has to run up the bill for her state since her children MUST tag along to her events. A candidate MUST buy the most expensive shoes, clothes, haircuts, etc. and charge the state. Saks Fifth Avenue por ejemplo. Oh Sar? I thought that you were JUST like us plain Jane middle class folks? SincefuckingWHEN did the lower and middle class folks shop at Saks Fifth Avenue? If these types even step in there, they are given a look!!! COME ON. Wake up and smell your own rose smelling bullshit. Cuz it is flowing out of you every which way but Election day. YOU (yes even you Sar) can shop at Macy's and get some really professional clothing. You don't HAVE to shop at Saks, regardless of what Paris Hilton told you. Oh and Republicans. Please. PLEASE, don't tell you that you AGREE that it is ok for her to do this? To charge the state of Alaska all of this asinine moose knuckle money for her and her family? I say, if you do agree, you are just as fucking stupid as she is.

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