Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ignorance is the Veep.

You know something? I don't get why when people make a comment about another person that makes more money than they do, they are suddenly considered a "classist" by Sar Palin and her franns? Especially when they are of similar cultures and backgrounds. Why does Palin and her cronies think that being intelligent is such a bad thing? They continue on with their "elite bashing" as if they are proud to be ignorant. Since WHEN does this become a GOOD thing for the next Veep nominee? I do not think that I received that memo. Not everyone that is well informed is considered "elite." So the double standard being that no one can be proud of their intelligence but very proud of ignorance. Me thinks that Sar is just a bit jealous of when the statement was made about Obama when Colin Powell was being interviewed was how he admired his intellect. Then she and her crones feel the need to bash everyone that makes one little comment about her oblivious thoughts and actions. Just like McCain feeling the need to do the "Neener neener neener, I have the support of Kissinger, Haig, Eagleburger, and Shultz. So it doesn't surprise me that Powell is supporting Obama blah blah blah." Ugh. This gives a new meaning to ignorance is bliss. Bliss is the Veep.

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