Monday, November 3, 2008

NO to Proposition 8 !!

It blows my mind. It completely astounds me that the sanctity of marriage is on the verge of being taken away from those who bestow love upon one another just because of their sexual preference. WHO cares if they are a homosexual couple? Why don't these said persons focus on their own lives and not the lives of others? I am inclined to think that heterosexual couples would not fancy the fact that their rights as HUMAN BEINGS were taken away either, right? Wait. Of course not. That will NEVER happen because it is presumptive already! /slapsforehead Undeniably it isn't the matter of anyone in the first place who marries who. Just because some do not believe in it doesn't mean it is acceptable to force their lifestyle choices and personal values upon others. Most of the people that engross over this and want to tear apart homosexual unions are already dealing with some issues of their own. Especially to be occupied with the lives of others in such obsessive degrees. I loathe that the homosexual community seems to be such an easy target for such bigotry. I really despise it. It makes me sick on so many levels. Don't deny human rights to HUMANS. Didn't you forget? They are living, breathing, walking, talking, humans exactly like YOU. Doesn't it say in the constitution that everyone has their rights? Don't deprive US citizens of their civil rights! VOTE NO TO PROPOSITION 8! prop8

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