Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ugly inside doesn't equal pretty outside. Ever.

Do you think that people who treat others like bile are pretty physically, when you see that others say that they are?? Are you able to actually think that a person such as this could possibly be physically attractive? Discuss. I cannot find people physically attractive that treat others like a door mat. I just can't. Goes to show that vanity, material possessions, etc. doesn't make a fuck who you are. Cuz you still beez a harpy ole shrew in my book! Get new clothes. Get new makeup. Get a new hairstyle. Get contacts. Get eyeglasses. In the meantime, get a new personality because yours was lugged out of the dumpster. Try Wal-mart sometime, if you dare walk in there and grace them with YOUR being! If you choose not to , then feel free to donate your brain (ah hell, go ahead and devote the rest of your body as well) to science. The demand for a cure of bowel mouth is rising in high percentages every day. Heh. Peacefully yours forever,


Tiffiney said...

My ex husband is a very good looking man..till you get to know him....he is such an a** I sometimes would love to go on his myspace and tell all his ho's on there what kind of man he really his...wake up people just cause someone is pretty does not mean they are nice!! I would so much rather hang out with someone nice then someone that is pretty and an a**....Okay off my soapbox...good post! :)

Tiffiney said...

BTW I have something on my blog for you! :)