Sunday, July 5, 2009

The fourth of July and being free.

So, my fourth consisted of volunteer work. I did something different. Something I have not done before. I decided to go with my Celebrate Recovery group to a halfway house about 2 hours south of Birmingham to help out with the fourth of July festivities for the inmates. Some may wonder why one would want to spend time with prisoners; people that have committed crimes. Well, these are guys who want to learn to live in the "real" world and start over. These guys are the ones that are happy just to get a pack of ketchup. Things we that are "free" take for granted.

I can remember not being so "free" at one time in my life. Looking out and seeing others walk around, just simple things such as that. However, it didn't even compare to most of those guys. Some where in for 14 plus years. They said they haven't even eaten a meal like we provided for them in 10.

Some may think, so what? They don't deserve any better. They've committed crimes. They deserve to NOT eat well on the 4th. However, if we must say that, how many people would we really be including? How many people are walking around society that do not want to better their lives and keep committing crimes? They are the ones that got to eat that huge chunk of BBQ this 4th.

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SITS Girls said...

Wow. What an experience- really makes you appreciate the true meaning of freedom.

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