Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Size 7, here I commeth.

Please size 7, allow for me to grace your presence. I miss you oh so very much. I am almost there, so close to you. I can barely reach out and touch you with my fingertips, so why don't you go ahead and let me in already. Damnit. I cannot believe I can already wear my pre-Alle jeans again! Now, I have to work on my pre-Adri pants. Sure. I am bragging. Sue me for slander. For the longest time, I was not happy with my body. AT ALL. My self esteem has risen because of this so I cannot stop now! Gotsta keep on goin' ... I even...get this...hold your breath... dab on some MAKEUP sometimes!! (Can you believe it?) I usually don't do the makeup thing because most of the time people are only wearing it because they care about what others think of them. I had a comment once from someone that said they wear it because they'd "scare others" if they didn't. Ugh. Who cares? Do it for YOU. If YOU want to wear it and make yourself feel better, do it. Don't do it only because it is what others expect. Just like the losin' weight thing I am attempting. Do it for you. I am! Have a happy election day doods! Imma nervous wreck! /bitebite


Tiffiney said...

I hope you see you size 7 soon!! I know all about the pre kid sizes...and the makeup thing..i have this totally long post wrote out in my brain on make up..lol just have not written it yet..waiting to find those terrible pictures from high school..mom hopefully is bringing with her next visit..cause I forgot them this past weekend..but anyway, I use to wear globs of makeup and now I wear none..but if I do decide to wear some for a special occasion...I feel like a clown...lol...glad to be back in touch with you..have a great night! :)

Liberal I am. Bona fide I be. said...

Hey Tiff! How are ya? Good to see you again my fellow hippie. :)

Are you not so friggin' happy that Obama is our Prez?

WoOt! See ya soon!